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To serve our clients with the finest medical grade CBD & THC products while giving back to veterans with PTSD.


We use proprietary methods to create superior cannabis products that heal. Our systematic approach and top-notch team bring amazing results for our clients every time.


When more people have access to quality cannabis products life will be richer and the health of humanity will improve greatly.



We use a proprietary hydrocarbon extraction process to ensure the highest quality full spectrum material on the market. Bring us your nug or trim to turn it into crude, live resin, isolate, and many other concentrated cannabis forms.


We can help you create compliant THC or CBD products for the California market. Our team has created over 1000 successful SKUS over the last 20 years in the cannabis and health industries. We specialize in vapes and tinctures but can create almost any product.


We offer high quality full spectrum bulk THC and CBD crude oil, isolate (crystalline), and live resin. Our work is unique in the industry and speaks for itself. Contact us to find out more about our bulk sales of THC, CBD and other cannabis products.